Baby drowns in nallah near Mumbai

Baby drowns in nallah near Mumbai

Hey readers! So, on Wednesday, it poured heavily in Mumbai and the nearby Thane and Palghar districts. The rain caused quite a bit of trouble, especially for the train services. You won’t believe it, but there was even a baby slip-and-slide incident!

Imagine this – a woman was walking near the railway tracks between Thakurli and Kalyan stations when she accidentally dropped a little four-month-old baby into a drain! baby slip from hand. Thankfully, the baby was rescued, but what a wild moment that must have been.

Due to the relentless rain, train services on the Kalyan-Badlapur section got delayed for about seven hours. And guess what? The Kalyan-Kasara route didn’t fare any better, with services resuming after nearly three hours.

Not just that, the rainwater decided to play havoc in Badlapur and Ambernath, forcing authorities to suspend services around 11:05 AM, leading to disruptions on the Kalyan-Karjat route. Talk about a tough day for commuters!

And you won’t believe what happened next. Water levels rose so much that they were about 8 inches above the track level! That’s when the officials decided to halt the services to ensure everyone’s safety.

The rain didn’t spare the rivers either. Ulhas, Amba, Savitri, and Patalganga went beyond their limits, causing trouble in Thane and Raigad districts. Even the Kalu and Titwala rivers in Badlapur had a bit of an overflow.

But don’t worry, folks. The National Disaster Response Force, along with the police and revenue department teams, were on their feet to help people out of tricky situations. Safety first, right?

In response to all this, the Maharashtra Chief Minister decided to give the school kids a break. Schools in Mumbai, Thane, Raigad, and Palghar districts got a holiday to keep everyone safe and sound.

Keep an eye on official updates and stay safe during this rainy time. Fingers crossed for better weather ahead!


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